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  • Hefei Zhonghe Power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

    Efficient integration, innovation and development
    Main power lithium-ion batteries, digital batteries, energy storage batteries and lithium-ion power batteries for electric vehicles.
    • High magnification
    • High capacity
    • High safety
    • Long life
    • 30+
      30+ national patents
    • 8
      Lithium ion battery automatic production line
    • 3GWh
      Annual capacity of lithium ion battery
    About Us
    Whant do we do:Hefei zhonghe power New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Lithium Ion batteries, battery packs. With strong R&D team, quality and advanced facilities and efficient manufacturing, experienced engineering, dedicated manufacturing and quality control teams, We can provide one-step solution and whole series products from product design to battery components as customers’requirements.
    Focus on microsignals
    Focus on microsignals

    Address: No. 58, West Yihu Road, High Technology Zone, LuJiang County, Hefei, Anhui, PRC.

    Zip code: 231500

    Telephone: +86-551-82550088

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